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Where caregivers thrive in body, mind, and spirit.

Hi! I’m Claudia Flores.

I’m a mother, a social entrepreneur, a lifelong activist, and an artist. My background is in psychology, philanthropy, and international relations. But ultimately, I’m here because I am an eternal student—a lifelong learner.

In my many years of research supporting myself, my family, and the communities I participate in, I have collected a unique set of tools for decision-making and problem solving.

One of my great joys is to support my own growth, as well as others'. I consider it my highest calling to support the leaders of the future: the young people and students, the families raising them, the educators teaching them the skills of tomorrow, and the activists building a better world. I see all of these groups as part of my family.

If you’re a member of one of these communities, I’ve created Whole Well Being for YOU.

If you are currently serving this planet in the role of parent, caregiver, educator, and/or activist, I want to personally thank you from the depths of my heart. Thank you for the steadfast devotion to our children, humanity, and the planet that you demonstrate each day.

Whole Well Being is a method that has proven to help people:

  • Make clearer, more effective choices and decisions
  • Respond to life’s challenges with greater equanimity
  • Bring more acceptance and compassion to one’s self and others when we stumble or fall

Ultimately, it is a way that has supported me, even during the most challenging situations and problems, to embrace and cherish all of life.

My heartfelt intention is that this approach supports you in your journey of life and radiant Whole Well Being.


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